Scuttlebutt is the monthly newsletter of the Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society on marine-life happenings in Clayoquot Sound written by Rod Palm.

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Pacific white-sided dolphins in Clayoquot Sound. Find out more about there where abouts...

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Principal Investigators Report

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Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society

We are a group of dedicated naturalists living and working on the waters of west coast Vancouver Island BC, conducting primary research and monitoring of various marine ecosystems in Clayoquot Sound.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

It takes a great deal of assistance from volunteers, donors and sponsors from the local community to keep the Society running. We want to say, "Thank you!"

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The Build-a-Whale program is an innovative education program designed to encourage an excitement for the great whales. It is a hands-on activity that gives the opportunity to handle the bones of a real Killer Whale. The bones are put together by the attendees on a framework display that gives the skeleton a real life perspective.

Research: Transient Killer Whales

The activities of SIMRS began by Rod Palm on Jan. 1, '91 monitoring the movements of the transient Killer Whales who frequent the waters of Clayoquot Sound. The results of this research are forwarded to Graeme Ellis at the Nanaimo Biological Station who is the centre for recording the movements of all the Killer Whales of British Columbia and Alaska.

Doing Backflips for Research

We're excited about the research projects we work on. Have a look at what we're up to!