Bigg's Killer Whale Monitoring Project

SIMRS has been using citizen science and photo identifications for 25 years to monitor killer whales in Clayoquot Sound. The data we collect is used to make our locally-made identification catalogue for Bigg's (Transient) Killer Whales and forwarded to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) for a larger study on killer whales populations in the Pacific northwest.


Build-A-Whale is an interactive program that aims to educate participants about marine biology, anatomy, evolutionary science and conservation. The program is hands-on and engaging as the audience assists in constructing the skeleton of an offshore killer whale and participating in several fun educational activties and games. Build-A-Whale is well travelled and well loved as she has visited facilities across Canada such as schools, markets, festivals, aquariums, elderly homes and more.

Kelp Canopy

Through this research program we propose to compare current and historical kelp distributions and evaluate if these declines in kelp are affecting benthic marine invertebrates.

Year End Reports

What follows is the annual report by Rod Palm, the principal investigator of Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society (SIMRS). We want to keep the membership, scientific advisors, public, corporate, and private sponsors abreast of SIMRS’ ongoing works. From reading this report, you will see that all these significant projects makes your backing well worthwhile. We hope that you feel as good about our accomplishments over the last year as we do and we look forward to your continued support and input.